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ISVP(Institute for Skill Development, Vocational and Professional Coursesis fastest growing franchisee network in skill development. we are seeking franchisees to further strengthen out network. 

Franchisee Proposal


This proposal is intended for those who want to open a franchise centre of ISVP(Institute for Skill Development, Vocational and Professional Courses)  and further they want active marketing help from the company.

Proposal for becoming Franchisee of ISVP:

ISVP is successfully running its franchisee network nationwide with its valuable franchisee partners from last 3 years and now wants to get amassed with new partners at new places. So it invites such proficient people, entrepreneurs who can be the part of our organization and can set a niche in the business world by running ISVP's courses like Finance, Software, Hardware&Networking, JOB skills, training in their respective city or town.

As we all know that in India every year there are vacancies for approximately 20 lakh people in the organized sector of private/public sector but because of lack of required skills and communication skills and due to in-conversant and improper flair in English language 60-70% people are made aloof from jobs. In present time, millions of candidates are passing out from colleges and university holding MBA, B-Tech, BBA, BCA, MCA, but because these candidates lack of required skills which eventually hamper them to get job. The foremost reason that the candidate can't get jobs is that 70% of the population of India dwells in villages and because they don't get proper guidance on skill development they landup doing nothing and eventually are unemployed. Another reason is that there is an imperfect education system in India because it does not cover or teach the skills which are the principal requirements of the today's industry. The industry requires skills viz a viz. CRM, CHS, soft skills, behavioural skills, Tally ERP9, Finance, Hardware and networking, software programming etc. So in India there will always be a giant need of such Training centres.

(1) Our Business Model:

ISVP operates on a franchisee based business model. As a part of this, ISVP has a corporate office, situated in Pune and regional offices being established in different parts of the country.
We have valued partners who have been associated with ISVP for years. 
Our regional offices will have franchisees under them and the franchisees report to the regional offices as well as to the corporate office. We will adopt various methods to ensure smooth functioning of the franchisees towards meeting revenue and number of students trained expectations. We will provide all the possible marketing support to the franchisees as a part of our marketing support plan.
The corporate office will suggest various promotional campaigns to increase sales to the franchisees. As a part of our operational support, TTT( Train the trainer) trainers are sent from the corporate office/ regional offices to our franchisees to train the trainers there. 

(2) Features, advantages and benefits by partnering with ISVP. 

1) Right to use the ISVP brand name

2) Business expertise in successfully running a vocational institute

3) Guidance and assistance in the design and setting up of the franchisee’s center and facilities

4) Details of practical equipment and materials required for the conduct of practicals under the courses.

5) Charts, demo boards and demo models etc to assist in the conduct of the course offerings. Guidance in the preparation and implementation of a cost-effective marketing plan

6) Marketing support in the form of centralized advertising on TV, newspaper etc.

7) Advertising and promotion materials of all kinds, such as brochures, handbills, posters, banners, boards, gifts etc (on chargeable basis)

8) Design support for specific design needs of the franchisee

9) Guidance and assistance in the selection of instructors and counselors and training for them from time to time

10) Know-how of various processes and systems for running the business and also the use of a CRM cum ERP system for managing the Enquiry, Admission, Batch planning, Attendance, Payroll, Fee collection and other processes

11) Centralized support center for the benefit of the students, including placements

12) Periodic audit of processes and systems to assist in improving the center’s efficiency and results

13) Effective courses and international certification offered at affordable prices.

14) Comprehensive courseware coupled with quality teaching through video based education.

15) The Business model proven and timely tested.

16) Strictly practices business ethics, principles and values.

17) Best techniques to develop skills with 100 % success result. 

18) Franchise networks nationwide

19) Itinerary based curriculum

20) Highly self-convinced techniques to convert inquiries to maximum admissions. 

21) Best training itineraries & systematic path to retain the students for longer span of time. 

22) Marketing & seminar support to run the center effectively. 

23) On line( using Skype or Gtalk) / off line training( in person) of staff. 

24) On line portal to handle the students admissions and their records.

25) Placement assistance. 

26) Reasonable investment. 

(3) Support

(a) Initial as agreement is done between franchise & company; franchisee gets opening kit with following items.

  1. 1)  colored pamphlets of A/8 size.
  2. 2)  beginners course kits.
  3. 3)  100 prospectus.
  4. 4)  2 T shirts & caps.
  5. 5)  1 canopy.
  6. 6)  Enquiry Book.
  7. 7)  Receipt Book.
  8. 8)  Itineraries
  9. 9)  Specimen Certificates
  10. 10) All Courses Brochures
  11. 11) Daily Progress Report
  12. 12) Indoor Merchandising
  13. 13) Outdoor Flex 
  14. 14) Online Assessment Tool.

(b) Marketing support

2-6 seminars. (Seminars will be coordinated by franchisee only and if there is a night stay then all expenses will be borne by the franchisee, however company will not charge the traveling & HR charges. 
Online marketing Support

We will provide you a webpage which will be promoted on Internet

we will help you in making social marketing campaign

(c) Recruitment & Training support

Staff training at centre / Regional office or head office. 
On line / off line training to centre head, trainer, counsellor and marketing executive. 
Help in recruiting staff. 

(d) Infrastructure setup support

Help in setting up the Lab. 
Help to design the complete setup. 

(e) Examination & certification support

After course a final online exam will be conducted by the company.
After course a certificate will be provided to the students. 
Staff proficiency certificate will be issued after successful training by experts of ISVP. 
Conducting online mid and post assessment of the students. 

(4) What we expect from the partner who wants to join hand with ISVP?

  1. 1)  500 -800 sq. ft area at good location. 
  2. 2)  A setup of counseling room (8 x 8), conference room(15 x 10), Lab(15 X 10) & open waiting area. 
  3. 3)  Staff:  Counselor, marketing executive, training facilitator.
  4. 4)  Applicant should be energetic & should have zeal to do best business. 
  5. 5)  3-4 lakhs initial investment. 
  6. 6)  1 - 10 computers with normal configuration as per franchisee budget. 
  7. 7)  Franchise fee. 
  8. 8)  Royalty. 
  9. 9)  Regular progress reports. 
  10. 10)  Regular marketing. 
    1. 11)  4 Kbps Static IP Broad band internet connection with skype for video conferencing & online  registration of students. 
  11. 12)  Priority for this business. 

(5)  Financial obligation: 

1)  Non refundable franchisee fee for first three years: 2,00,000/- + Service Tax 
2)  Royalty 20% of full collection after deduction of courseware cost.
3)  Renewal charges 50,000/- yearly from fourth year. 
4)  Kit charges will be extra. 

(6)  Royalty plough back:

1)  we have a unique program to partially finance your marketing cost by returning back 5% of the royalty paid to us. This will be in the form of Credit-Note. Which can be adjusted against future Royalty payable to us.

(7)  Earn by Networking:

1)  we have another very unique program which first time in the industry. If you get a friend/relative who takes up franchisee in the city where we are currently not present, the referring franchisee would get 1% of the royalty paid by the referred franchisee for a period of one year. 

How long does it take for approval after applying for opening an ISVP center?
The approval for opening an ISVP center is given within 30 days
What are the man-power requirements for opening a franchisee?
A franchisee needs to have 1 Center Manager, 1 Counselor ,1 Placement Officer, 3 Marketing Executives, 1 Outdoor Sales Manager (Business Development Manager), 3 Trainers.
What are the affiliation fees?
The affiliation fees vary depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.
Can the affiliation fee be negotiated?
No, we do not negotiate on affiliation fees. It is the same for all of our partners.
What is the licensing fee that a franchisee has to pay?
The licensing fees vary depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.
Can the royalty be negotiated?
No, we do not negotiate with the royalty, But we have unique program to subsidize your marketing expenses. And you can also earn extra by referring new franchisees. please see detail in the section above.
What amount of royalty fees needs to be shared with the corporate office?
The royalty fee is 20% of the revenue earned.
What is the minimum available floor space required to set up a center?
The minimum available floor space varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.
What is the minimum infrastructure required for setting up a center?
The minimum infrastructure requirement varies depending on the classification of cities. For details on the same, kindly refer to our Franchisee Project Report.
Is it mandatory for a person to have experience in IT field/ training industry to set up a franchisee?
No, it is not mandatory for a person to have IT training background to set up a franchisee.
What is the defined KRA for the centers?
Maintaining standard quality in training and infrastructure should be the main KRA for the centers.
How many centers are you planning to start in a geographical location?
The number of centers would solely depend on the demographics and the market potential. ISVP will decide on the number of centers based on various parameters.
What should be the minimum distance between two centers?
There are no set distances defined between two centers. The decision solely remains in the hands of ISVP based on the population of the Target Audience, the market potential and various other factors pertaining to that geographical location.
What is the ROI from a franchisee's perspective?
An approximate of 20-25% profit on the total turn-over is expected from a well-performing center.
What is the breakeven point? How soon can a franchisee hope to breakeven?
It depends on the total amount that you have invested, your operating expenses and the number of students that get registered to your center every month. The more the number of students, the shorter would be your breakeven time.
Will ISVP play a role in recruiting trainers?
No, ISVP doesn't play any role in recruiting trainers; it is the sole responsible of the franchisee.
What kind of support do we get from ISVP?
We conduct training for trainers and technical people at regular intervals.
As for my understanding, why is the XYZ partner not performing well?
There could be several reasons for under performance. A center might not have the necessary resources (counselor, sales executives etc.) to drive more registrations. It could also be that the center might not have a proper lead tracking system in place to keep a track of the enquiries and leads and chase it up with them accordingly. Also the area of the center might not have more scope of growth. Thus, the reasons could be numerous; majorly performance depends on the geographical location of a center and its internal operations.
Will the Management take the operational expenses?
No, the management would not be responsible for the operational expenses.
How will be the cost shared between centers?
In major metros, the cost will be shared by all the centers. If there are multiple centers in a particular metro where a specific campaign is going to be released, the cost per center is calculated based on the total cost of campaign divided by the number of centers.
Will ISVP take care of the ATL activities?
ISVP takes care of the ATL activities but the cost is shared among the centers.
Will ISVP take care of Ads?
ISVP takes care of major things in Ads like centralized buying of media, deciding on media vehicle etc. However, the cost incurred for the ads has to be shared by the centers.
What kind of marketing support do ISVP offer?
ISVP takes care of major things in Ads like centralized buying of media, deciding on media vehicle etc. However, the cost incurred for the ads has to be shared by the centers.
What is the support system for the Sales of the centre?
ISVP provides marketing collaterals, centralized buying of media, seminars & training of counselors and markets people periodically.