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ISVP Partner network

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Tips and benefit of partnering with US

There would be a written test + GD+ Interview.

  • #1: Pick your partner relationship manager
  • #2: Sign a agreement
  •     a) Franchisee would get a welcome kit. Kit contains:
  •           1) T-shirts + Caps+ I-Card
  •           2) Coffee Mug
  •           3) Drinking water glass
  •           4) Table calendar/ wall calendar
  •           5) Indoor branding materials
  •                 a) Danglers
  •                 b)
  •           6) Counselling CD
  •           7) 
  • #3: Access Knowledge Zone
  • #4: Access Training
  • #5: You can access your students details online
  • #6: Cloud Campus
  • #7: Be Heard! Support with escalation matrix
  • #8: Student learning management system
  • #9: Central digital-marketing support
  • #10: You become preferred partner for future projects
  • #11: Training Delivery Model:
  •           Our training delivery model is unique in the industry in the sense that it is a HYBRID of e-learning and classroom. We have tried to overcome the problems associated with each model. the disadvantage of self-paced e-learning is that there is no discipline in completing the course for which the student has paid in full. in classroom model it is difficult to find the appropriate faculty for conducting the course. moreover the cost involved in arranging is high.
  •         So how does the model work?
  •          We have  Video/ webinar/ virtual classroom based course so you don't have to search for a faculty. The only requirement is that there should be a trained facilitator during the class in progress.
  •           Video/ webinar/ virtual classroom based course will be only in English and/or Hindi. Training          facilitator has to explain in local language to the students.
  •           Students can send their questions/doubt to a e-mail address. This question if valid/important then it will be included in video lecture so that other can be benefited by it.
  •           Students can give feedback at the end of session. Centers to encourage students to give feedback so that the quality can be improved.
  • #12: Low investment in infrastructure
  •           To the existing infrastructure you will have to add either a projector or 40 inch LCD TV 
  • #13: Low operating cost
  •          Since this is a  Video/ webinar/ virtual classroom based course, you need not have faculty for  each of the courses provided by us. You have to ensure that there is a training facilitator only to translate (if required) and discipline the students.
  • #14: Higher ROI Calculate ROI
  • #15: Student's may choose from many courses provided by us
  • #16: Reasonable Priced
  • #17: International Network
  • #18: NSDC partner for skill development
  • #19: Get benefited for running Govt. scheme
  • #20: Central technical infrastructure support 
  • #21: Same / existing faculty can be engaged.
  • #22: Good return / income on monthly basis can be earned.
  • #23: Increase your earning by achieving targets/ slab.
  • #24: Monthly newsletter to update news and new developments.
  • #25: Zonewise Web-conference with Senior Management once in a month
  • #25: Complete Transparency
  • #26: Online Advertisement Schedule click here for schedule
  • #27: Virtual Lab. no need for the partner to install and software. Students can access virtual lab to do parcticals.
  • #28: Process Oriented
  • #29: New courses added regularly. And case study based curriculum so that student knows how to apply the knowledge.
  • #30: We have unique courses like SAP, Job Ready Accountant, Share Trading, CFP, CA coaching, CS coaching etc.
  • #31: Case study based curriculum. application of the concepts.
  • #32: i-Partner portal
  • #33: Regular Web-based-Training for Counselors/Trainers/Promoters
  • #34: Online counseling also available
  • #35: Royalty Plough Back we have a unique program to partially finance your marketing cost by returning back 5% of the royalty paid to us. This will be in the form of Credit-Note. Which can be adjusted against future Royalty payable to us.
  • #36: Earn by networking: we have another very unique program which first time in the industry. If you get a friend/relative who takes up franchisee in the city where we are currently not present, the referring franchisee would get 1% of the royalty paid by the referred franchisee for a period of one year. 
  • #37: Financial obligation:Unique franchisee payment facility:
    1) Pay upfront and the Royalty payable would be 25%
    2) pay in equal installment and the Royalty payable would be 25%
    3) Pay from fee collected: in this the Royalty would be 35% percent till we recover the franchisee fees. this option would have interest applied on the franchisee fees.
  • #38: Placement Partner:
    1) Center to allocate a computer for registration (one of the existing computers can be used at lab)
    2) If there is an opening that matches the candidate profile, ISVP recruiter to connect with the candidate and send him/ her for interview
    3) Should the candidate be selected and worked for a minimum period of 30 days, center will be paid a fixed revenue for the candidate.

    4) It is not necessary that the candidates is a student of ISVP.

  • #39: Placement outsourcing services:

  • We have plans to tie-up with different colleges for becoming their outsourcing partners so that the students can be placed in good companies.

  • Placement Fair:

  • Day0: for students who secure 90% and above marks

  • Day1: for students who secure 75 to 90% marks

  • Day2: for students above 65%

  • #40: WhatsApp:

  • 1) We are available on WhatsApp so that we can be connected anytime.

  • 2) Send important Communication on WhatsApp

  • #41 Itinerary based teaching. which means that if a candidate wants to change his center temporarily, then at the new center he will get the same lesson to learn.

  • #41 Since the course would be video+ instructor based the quality of teaching would be same at all centers. there would not be any discrimination.

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